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Should you apply for life insurance that advertises “no-exam”?

Wouldn’t it be less hassle? Nobody really likes getting stuck with a needle, right? The less the insurance company knows about you the better, right? So is no exam life insurance a good deal?

In most cases, definitely no.

The reason is simply that with no exam life insurance, most generally healthy people will end up paying considerably more in premium. Would you pay $4800 more for your policy? That’s what an additional $20 per month will add up to over 20 years.

With no-exam life insurance, the company knows less about you. Therefore, you are not eligible for the preferred rating categories.

When you take an exam, they perform a full blood profile. This allows you the opportunity for the best ratings class available.

Don’t be fooled that no exam means no underwriting. You still have to answer medical questions and the company still might order doctor records, so your health history is still scrutinized.

At, our goal is to find you the most competitive policy you can qualify for.

So unless you have an uncontrollable fear of needles, setting aside 30 minutes for a life insurance exam that can save you $4800 or more, is in our opinion, something you should consider.

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