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A recent survey by LIMRA (an association that provides research and consulting to insurance companies) found that 86% of Americans believe most people need life insurance. Yet according to LIMRA, there are 95 million people without any life insurance at all and most who do have life insurance have only a small policy through their job. The reason given most frequently by those who don’t own life insurance was that it is too expensive. Since life insurance rates are at historic lows, this perception of being too expensive might be due to many people not being offered all of the excellent policies options available to them. If you talk to an agent who sells for only one company, or prefers to focus his efforts on selling whole life policies, how are you supposed to know what other choices are out there?

At, we feel that an educated consumer is our best customer. That’s why we provide unlimited, anonymous quotes. You can even compare companies we don’t sell. We’ve pulled back the curtain so you can see for yourself what’s available. So spend some time on our website and then give us a call so we can help determine which company, policy type and face amount is best for you. 2012 Insurance Barometer Study

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