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Life Insurance Brentwood TennesseeBeing the wife of an insurance professional, I often find myself asking my friends if they have life insurance or enough life insurance. Most of them will say yes and the conversation moves on to gossip. Every once in a full moon, one of them will say no and break their eye contact with me. It’s not because they think I am going to get pushy and force them to buy life insurance from my husband, who is by the way the most honest and helpful person you will ever meet. I don’t get pushy like that. I am a bad sales person. However, it brings up the bigger question of ‘why won’t your husband buy life insurance?’. My friends are not multi-millionaires nor are they related to Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or have a child or a pet that is a Youtube star. So the reasons are either the husband won’t budget to purchase the insurance or the husband is un-insurable. Being un-insurable is the only acceptable excuse, but not budgeting is not. Besides, it’s not expensive. No woman needs to live lavishly after her husband passes way. She just needs to be able to stay in the house, pay for in-state tuition for the kids, and splurge on the occasional manicure. At the minimum, she needs to maintain her basic lifestyle. As of this writing, life insurance for a healthy 45 year old male for half a million/20 year term comes to under $70 a month. That’s just a ‘preferred’ quote, not ‘preferred plus’. ‘Preferred’ as in non-smoker, occasional drinker, slightly over-weight average guy who spends his free time watching sports and eating Doritos. I know this because I just ran the quote which took me less than 10 seconds on So it is affordable. Still, there is another sad excuse that I can’t get into here and that is the husband does not want his wife and kids to benefit financially from his death. If that is the reason, then I wish my friend well and hope she knows enough good-hearted people to help her if ever needed.

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