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In the time it takes to read these words you are a little closer to the day you will die. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2010 (, the most recent year complete statistics are available:

2,468,435 people in died in America

Of those deaths,

  • 597,689 died of heart disease
  • 574,743 died of cancer
  • 138,476 died of chronic lower respiratory diseases
  • 129,476 died of strokes
  • 83,494 died of Alzheimer’s

Many others young and old died in every way imaginable. Accidents, murders, bear attacks, snakebites, intoxication, etc. We could go on and on as death does not discriminate.

And according to the study, there were four times as many widows (8.9 million) as widower (2.1 million).

With these type of statistics, it seems to me that the best age to talk about life insurance should be the age you are right now. Since death is coming and we don’t know when, now is the time to put a plan in place that will take care of your loved ones in the untimely or even expected day you die. You must buy life insurance when you don’t need it, because if you have knowledge or a diagnosis that you are going to die soon, we probably can’t help you. The good news is that life insurance might be less than you expect it to be. Use the anonymous quoting tool on and see for yourself what life insurance costs. Then, contact us and we will walk you through a process that might be easier than you expected.

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