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How do you get the lowest price on life insurance? By being told all of your options and by applying to the insurance company whose underwriting standards best fit your situation.

At Rick Dixon Insurance, as an independent insurance agent, we make our insurance calculator ( available for unlimited use. We even have companies on the calculator that we don’t even sell. This gives you a very broad view of your options.

Once you have a good idea of the prices charged by most of the top term companies on the market, we’ll match you up with the company we think will give you the best price.

If you are dealing with a captive agent of one of the big insurance companies, they are most likely going to offer you their company only. This could result in you paying a higher premium. Would you willingly pay and extra $1200 for your policy? Most people would say, “Of course not.” But that is what an extra $5 a month for 20 years adds up to.

Let an independent insurance agent  like myself help you get the lowest price for a top rated company. Just a few dollars a month turns into quite a big number over time.

Use our Term Life Insurance Calculator as much as you like to see how much you can save.

Find out how much Life Insurance should really cost!

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