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“What would happen if my spouse or I were to die before the house is paid off?”

“Would I be able to stay in my home with one income?”

“What is the best way to purchase “mortgage insurance” that will pay off my house if I die?”

Click here and use our calculator to get an idea as to the price range of a low cost term policy.
Then contact me and I will help you review your options and keep the application process simple.

I have been helping homeowners with policies specifically tailored to a mortgage amount and term since 1996. Mortgage insurance might be lower than you’d expect, as a life policy designed to pay off a $250,000, 15 year loan for a healthy 40 year old, can be as low as $14 a month.

Death – Designed to pay off your mortgage in the event of your death.

Disability – A disability policy can help pay your mortgage payments if you are disabled.

Find out how much Life Insurance should really cost!

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