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If you are a casual Marijuana user, can you get life insurance?

The simple answer is yes. Certain insurers have been issuing policies for many years to those that smoke pot. Even though several states have legalized marijuana use, that doesn’t mean insurance companies have become more or less lenient on the issue. For many years now, the underwriting treatment has been basically the same for a marijuana user as if you smoked cigarettes. A standard tobacco rating is what I have seen issued in many cases. A non-rated policy depends on frequency of use as well as other factors.

If you are a marijuana user, there are a few things to keep in mind when you apply for life insurance.

1. Full Disclosure – Don’t withhold the fact that you are a marijuana user. If you smoke pot on a regular basis whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, you absolutely should be forthcoming on the application. Anything less than full disclosure can cause issues later.

2. Don’t Randomly Apply – Underwriting policies at insurance companies change on a regular basis. There are some companies that will not issue a favorable underwriting decision for marijuana use. Before we would send your application to any company, I will talk to an underwriter and share your situation in a general sense. We want to make sure that we submit the application to a company where we have an excellent chance of approval.

Life Insuarnce and Marijuana useTake some time to browse quotes on Then give me a call or shoot me an email and we’ll discuss your situation. My goal is to get you the lowest cost policy you can qualify for.

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