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Is there a “best” term life insurance company, or a company with the best rates?

Actually, if we run a quote for two people, different ages and different medical histories, the best company for each will likely be different.

Do you want 10 year term or 30 year term?

A $100,000 or a $1,000,000 policy?

This will also result in different companies as the most efficient choice.

There are about 15 life insurance companies that consistently show up as the most competitive choice depending on one’s objective and medical history.

The trick is picking the right one for you. If you talk to an agent that puts all of their business with one company because he says it’s the “best” or it’s the only one he represents, sometimes he might be forcing a square peg in a round hole and his clients could end up paying more than they really should.

At, we don’t have an interest in which company you end up applying to, as long as it is the most efficient for your situation.

We will use our 24 years of experience to match you to a highly rated company that will give you a competitive premium.

Some companies are better for certain medical conditions, some for high face amounts, others for permanent coverage.

At, you can browse unlimited and anonymous rates and companies.

Then, we’ll have a conversation to help you apply to the “best” life insurance company for your personal situation.

Find out how much Life Insurance should really cost!

Free Unlimited Quotes. In Just 10 Seconds!
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